Our Story

Candace and Robert Maché (pronounced like "paper-maché") are a singer and guitarist living in Memphis, TN. They perform in Americana, swing jazz, blues, folk and rock styles. They have toured nationally, and in Memphis have performed at the Delta Fair, Center for Southern Folklore, Blindy on the Bluff, private events and nightclubs.

Candace is from Tupelo, MS, and grew up in Memphis, TN, where she absorbed all the musical influences swirling around that funky city, but she didn't sing in a band until she moved to North Carolina and fell in with local bands in Asheville and Durham.
Robert grew up in Hong Kong in the swinging Sixties, and absorbed all things British Invasion. When Robert moved to New York, the club scene at CBGB's and Max's Kansas City were happening and it was easy to meet people to play music with, like Klaus Nomi, Lydia Lunch, the Swinging Madisons, Ann Magnuson, and Amy Rigby). Robert relocated to L.A. to play with roots-rock artists like Syd Straw, Rosie Flores, Steve Wynn, SparksJohn Wesley Harding, and everyone who turned up at the legendary, informal Continental Drifters gigs.  

Candace and Robert met when the Continental Drifters moved to New Orleans, LA. Robert tricked her into recording harmonies on John Gros' 1st solo album; she found she liked it, and wanted to do more. But Hurricane Katrina intervened, and evacuation brought them to Memphis, where they have carved out their niche performing in clubs and festivals.

Candace fronts the 5 piece swing jazz band, 'Candace Maché and Swing and Sway'; and they both are rocking members of the Dan Montgomery 3+2. She has recorded with John "Papa" Gros, the Bagdaddies, and on the Pazfest Joni Mitchell tribute album in New Orleans. Her Memphis recordings include vocals for SnakeHips, Trapper Haskins, Barbara Blue, Nancy Apple, Rev. Neil Down, and Dan Montgomery.

Robert tours the world with Dayna Kurtz, Amelia White and others, holds down a regular gig with Beale Street legend Barbara Blue, as well as Dan Montgomery, and is currently and always a Continental Drifter. Robert has recorded with Klaus Nomi, the Swinging Madisons, Sparks, Steve Wynn, Kristian Hoffman, Andi Hoffmann, John "Papa" Gros, Dayna Kurtz, Theresa Andersson, John Crooke, and more. 

Candace and Robert Maché are a lively, charming addition to your celebration or party. Performing jazz standards from the 1920's-1950's, folk songs from the British Isles, New Orleans r & b, Memphis rockabilly and soul, 1960's pop, 1970's rock covers, bluesy jazz, jazzy blues, or singer-songwriter stuff, they will blend in with the wallpaper or stand out in a crowd.

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